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Sometimes Life is Good

Sometimes Life is Good

Published 11 May 2024

The last time my old man saw the northern lights was 40 years ago. A humbling display that made up for the miles spent trudging through the coast of Norway.

Tonight we got to see it together, for 30 minutes. And all we had to do was look outside.

I didn't have time to dig out my old camera and figure out how to actually use it, but my phone's astrophotography feature isn't too shabby.

It's not unusual for folk in the north of Scotland to see the northern lights on occasion, but the middle of England? Unbelievable.

Now the pictures paint a lie, it was nowhere near as vivid in person and I'm sure my dad saw it better way back knee-deep in ice, but still, each streak of twilight was captivating in its own right. We just sat there in silence as the shards of light faded into a gentle fuzz.

Sometimes the world throws something at you that makes everything worthwhile.